Chef Blob


Chef Blob is a top-down cooking game that revolves around collecting ingredients, cooking and serving them to customers to earn points.

Dev Info

2019 Fall

Level Designer

Team: Triple 2 Studio (6 members)

Dev. Time: 6 Weeks

Genre: 2D, Top-down View, Cooking Game 

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Roles & Responsibilities
  • Joined the team after the first two weeks.

  • Built the progression chart of the game.

  • Designed 3 of 5 levels that highlighted the game's mechanics and fit the progression chart.

  • Responsible for the audio assets cooperated with a programmer and another artist.

Design Pillars


  • There should be noticeable consequences to collecting and cooking ingredients in the correct or incorrect order.

Blob Mechanics

  • The player character should feel and interact with the world like a blob. When running into walls, the blob should squishy and the eyes and mouth move.

Level Walkthrough

Level 1: Blob's Kitchen


It’s the first level of the game which serves as a tutorial. The player will learn how to collect, cook, vomit and serve in the level. 

To pass the level, the player has to achieve at least 30 points in 120 seconds. The only type of customer who comes in this level is the patient jellyfish who will stay for 45 seconds. Only 2 ingredients, fish and octopus are floating in this area, which is a good start for the new player.

WeChat Screenshot_20191212173137.png

Level 3: Sea We Cookin'


A new customer, the impatient redfish comes in this level. He stays shorter than the patient jellyfish but also offers a higher score when he gets the right serve. A new ingredient, seaweed is introduced in this level since the new customer always orders the dish made of it.

The target score gets higher, thus sometimes the player has to decide the sequence of serving which customer.

WeChat Screenshot_20191212173157.png

Level 4: Chef-Tastic


The special customer is introduced in this level which also brings a new mechanic and a new ingredient. The special customer will only come once and stay for a short time but will provide a much higher score after getting good serve. He’d like to order a special dish made of boots.

If the player mixes the boot with other ingredients, he will get a ruined dish that requires him to collect cautiously.

WeChat Screenshot_20191212173217.png
Post Mortem

What Went Well

  • Integrated into the new team quickly and made a contribution as soon as possible.

  • Focused on the tasks during game developing.

  • Self-disciplined and completed all the work we had planned.

  • Shared Unity, teamwork tips with the other members.

  • Tested the new mechanics, functions efficiently and gave feedback to the SDs.

What Went Wrong

  • It took a little long to build the first level in the new team. I actually spent time exploring by myself instead of asking for help.

  • At the last two milestones, I tended to avoid arguments since time was limited. I wanted to optimize and polish our game as much as possible, but it was not the reason for putting the cooperation problems away.

  • Seldom archive the documents in the new team during the developing milestones. I was responsible for archiving in the previous team, but in the new team, we were kind of ignore it.


What I Learned

  • How to do Scrum.

  • How to work in an international environment.

  • It is important to talk to and get feedback from the stakeholder.

  • The importance of playtesting and how to record the information.