Moon Land

Game Summary

  • Moon Land is a multiplayer wilderness survival game, aiming at the mobile platform.

  • The project was canceled in 2019 due to the merger of Pangu and Leihuo Studio.

  • The video is made for an internal review which shows the progress of the big world and a puzzle-based dungeon.

Development Info

  • Role: Senior System Designer

  • Engine: Unity

  • Genre: Survival, Mobile

  • Team Size: 48 developers, Pangu Studio, Netease Games

  • Canceled in October 2019


  • Designed world environmental systems including day&night system, weather system, temperature system, and regional disease system.

  • Designed the system of player’s interaction with the environment such as resource collecting and crafting.

  • Organized and implemented the distribution of natural resources and animals.

  • Improved and maintained designer tools including effect editor and spawn point editor with technical tool engineers.

Day & Night System

Player's Interaction

Weather - Rainy


Bright and Dark Awakening

Development Info

  • Role: System Designer

  • Engine: Cocos2D

  • Genre: RPG, Mobile

  • Team Size: 18 developers, Frostwolf Games

  • Released in December 2015


  • Designed several character's growing systems including weapon-enchanting and rune-refining.

  • Re-arranged and implemented process of novice guide.